As nature lovers we create new, realistic, unique and unforgettable experiences.

The idea behind the creation of Adventures and Wines, a tourist agency focused on alternative tourism; came about from my fierce passion for sports and the outdoors. The seed that was planted has now sprouted, and starting from 2018, Adventures and Wines has gained the support and trust of adventure loving people who seek new experience around every corner of Greece.

I love nature and I appreciate the huge variety, the contrast and the richness of different topographies. I am especially fond of the sea however, being an islander and having grown up in remote and ‘wild’ Karpathos but I also love the mountainous regions of Northern Greece. My biggest passion is cycling, especially long distance cycling and I am experienced in competitive races. I have participated in an appreciable number of road cycling races and brevets both in Greece and abroad. I have also taken part in a fair amount of running races most notably mountain running and of course marathons. I enjoy taking trips into nature and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, canyoning etc.

One of my chief interests is to make the natural and cultural wealth of Greece conveniently accessible to everyone, so that we can together experience first the richness of Greek history, traditional values and customs. An important part of this experience includes tasting local products especially the wines. My dream is to share my passion for nature with others and use it as a channel for creating exciting, unique, unforgettable experiences.

Minas Asprommatis


The tourism agency Adventures and Wines owns vehicles and a bicycle trailer that are ideally suited for transporting bicycles wherever needed. We are equipped with vast collection of bicycles with many shapes and sizes (mtb, trekking, city and road bike) suited for men, women and children that are available for renting..

Partners and members

Proud partners and members who trust our good job. We recommend them and together we work for the way to show our clients the best way to enjoy the culture, nature and history of Greece. Beyond your comfort zone is the beauty of life...

The story and vision of the company Adventures and Wines active in bicycle tourism. The creation of a certified network of partners working in alternative tourism. Cycling tours in Greece! Learn everything about us and our Tours & services!